What I do:
Clarity of design and simplicity of use produce the ideal combination of form and function that i specialise in. I approach every project with passion and curiosity, applying meticulous detail, skill and craftsmanship to every stage of our design and strategic process.

My work is built around the principles of simplicity, clarity and elegant problem-solving. Ez az amin alapszanak a munkaim, ami I create contemporary brand identities, web solutions and digital experiences for a wide range of clients and start-ups to globally.

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My Services:
Impressive and clean brand design, about thoughtful system to support your brand's everyday communication.
/ Logo / Brand Identity / Visual Systems / Brand Guidelines / Brand Experience

UI Design with UX:
Creative, beautiful and functional design for applications and websites, web solutions. Built with Using Agile and Lean methodologies.
/ Web / Mobile

Graphics Design:
Crafted design elements with smart thinking and thoughtful design.
Digital craftsmanship combined with smart thinking and thoughtful design
/ Logo / Print / Packaging

How I do:
I apply skill, craftsmanship and meticulous detail to every project and strive to provide design solutions that are creative, user friendly and technically accomplished. Every brief is tackled with a similar approach; first i will listen to your needs to really understand what you want to achieve. We'll then design, advise and develop a response that will help you fulfil your goals. 

I try to takes a holistic approach to every project. I use some of methods like the Design thinking and my general approach is this: Research, Planing, Wireframe, Proto, Design concept, UI, Develop, Analitycs and Test.

Tools what i Use:
For artwork and UI: Adobe CS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,
For wireframe & prototype: Invision app, Marvell app
For project management: Slack, Trello

More about me:
More info: Linkedin
My avards: Linkedin
More works and projects: Dribbble & Behance